Thursday, November 8, 2012

Towards an Efficacious Adoption of IT in Developing Countries: A case of Nepal


The effective use and adoption of IT has the potential to deliver significant benefits to the developing countries. Despite of low level economic development, lack of infrastructure and long political instability, Nepal has been trying to prove its capability and aims to place itself in global IT map. Widened digital divide, brain drain, cost of IT infrastructure, power outage and insufficient connectivity infrastructures has always been felt as the challenges in IT adoption in the country. Beside that, increasing software piracy, lack of systematic framework for IT adoption leads to chaotic and uneven distribution of IT infrastructure in the country. This dissertation is based on the study and evaluation of IT scenario and adoption frameworks from various countries. It delivers the framework for efficacious IT adoption in countries like Nepal with the implementation of Open Technologies. Beside that, the thesis also suggests the roles and activities that must be carried out for making the investment in IT fruitful and how the building up of local expert pool and knowledgebase will help the country to be self reliable and reduces dependency on foreign proprietary software.
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